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Treading the Divine Path | Dr. Shuayb Wani


Usul al-Tariqah of Imam Zarruq al-Fasi (d. 899 H) is a basic text in the ‘ilm of Taswwuf. Imam Zarruq is known for his erudite scholarship in the field of Tasawwuf. His works combine between deep understanding of the texts and the practical experience in the path of Self Discipline

The Spiritual Heart is the fountain head of all good and evil. Personality Development in Islam focuses on training the Heart and cleansing it from all evil Khawatir (thoughts).

In modern times, as we are exposed to immorality in an unprecedented manner, exploring this field of knowledge, understanding it and strengthening our Nafsiyyah according to it has become an obligation.

The Principles discussed in this treatise and that will be covered in this course can be divided into 8 themes:

  1. Tariqah and ways of its achievement.
  2. The comprehensive Principles and its fruits.
  3. The Principles of behavior and what dilutes it.
  4. Treating the deformities of the Nafs.
  5. The Principle of Trail and its outcomes.
  6. The States that contradict the good condition with Allah.
  7. The conditions of the Shaykh.
  8. Adab of the Seeker.

This course has ended and is now available for watching online