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 The Scale of Understanding | Dr. Shuayb Wani

Islamic Law occupies a significant place in contemporary academic discourses. The main reason for that is the modern Islamic resurgence founded on the call for the restoration and implementation of the Shari‘ah. Its effect can be witnessed in the making of the religious movements to the global politics.

Al-Muwāfaqāt is one of the masterpieces of Islamic Law and Jurisprudence. In this work, the great jurisprudent Abu Ishāq al-Shātibi. (d. 790) advocated for the revivalist theory of Maqāsid al-Shari‘ah (Higher Intents of Islamic Law). The themes discussed in it are a fine blend of Legal Philosophy, Epistemology, and Hermeneutics.

In this course, we will cover the 13 Muqaddimāt (Introductions), which summarize the purpose and themes discussed in this work. The aim is to get acquainted with Islamic legal philosophy, theory of knowledge, and the methodology of interpreting the divine texts, equipping ourselves with proper tools to foster a better understanding (al-Fahm) of our world-view and the challenges we are facing in the modern age and times.

This course has ended and is now available for watching online