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 Islamic Worldview | Dr. Shuayb Wani

Worldview is a conceptual framework of reference by which one interprets the world. It deals with the basic existential questions/meta questions which every thinking human being faces. In the modern age, as the turbulent processes of modernization, alienation, and fragmentation have reached their peak, so the need for a balanced and comprehensive Worldview is felt with unprecedented fervor. For this purpose, the West is exploring new meanings of integration and has trodden the path of “Worldview construction” away from religious thinking in search of a “theory of everything”.

Contrary to the non-Islamic Worldviews, the Islamic framework of response to these existential questions is far more developed in its sources as well as methodologies. The Muslim’s reconstruction is not to abolish space-time or escape from it, as in some eastern religious traditions like Hindu-Buddhist spirituality, and not an act of defiance and conquest as in Promethean West, but a responsible act of submission.

This course aims to explore the Islamic Worldview and its various components like Ontology (Existence), Theology (Who is God?), Epistemology (What is Knowledge?), Anthropology (Understanding a human being), Teleology (Ethics), Law and Politics and Esthetics, comparing it with the Western Worldview at relevant places.

The purpose is to instill confidence in the Muslims and pave way for the Intellectual awakening in the modern age, representing the khayriyyah “goodness” and spreading it to the whole of mankind.

This course is currently running. The recorded sessions are also available for watching online