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Āyah al-Kursī:
Principles of Aqīdah
| Dr. Shuayb Wani

From the primary Maqāsid of the Qur‘ān is reforming the Aqīdah by addressing the higher questions of the Worldview. The purpose of studying the Aqīdah is inculcating certain belief by rejecting the doubts and refuting the obstinate.

The similitude of the correct Aqīdah in the Qur‘ān is like a pure tree whose roots are firmly fixed and branches high in the heavens. The transformation in the belief system creates a permanent change in a believer and this change resonates in his personality until he becomes a radiant source of guidance for the community around him.

The higher purposes of the Aqīdah have been beautifully summarised in Āyah al-Kursī: the greatest āyah of the Qur‘ān. This course aims to understand the characteristics, principles, and details of the Aqīdah with focus on the Names and Attributes of Allāh (swt) based on Āyah al-Kursī.

This course is available on demand for free though our youtube channel. Please visit our Youtube channel to access this course.