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Dar Al Ilm Book Club is designed to encourage students to read and discuss a variety of works whilst also giving them the opportunity to synthesize the knowledge they have gained in The Columns to contemporary issues.

Every year a number of books will be assigned for reading and examined through an Islamic lens by members facilitated by the tutor. The goal of the forum is to open minds and raise consciousness. Books are chosen for what they have to offer as opposed to how popular they may or may not be.

The Beloved ﷺ said, “Wisdom is the lost property of the believer. Wherever they find it, they have more right to it.” Al-Andalus Book Club is a place where we search for wisdom irrespective of where the idea comes from using our intellectual acumen grounded firmly and confidently within our Islamic tradition.


Michel de Montaigne wrote in his Essays, “The most fruitful and natural exercise for our minds is, in my opinion, conversation.”