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The way forward in Islamic Studies.

  • Dar Al 'Ilm (The House of Knowledge) institute offers its students specialised courses based on the Quran and the authentic Sunnah in Fiqh (Jurispudence), Usul-Al-fiqh (Principles of Fiqh), Tafseer (Exgesis) and its Usool (Fundamentals), Arabic language, Qur'an,  its rules of recitation, Hadeeth and its sciences.

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  • Dar Al 'Ilm Instructors come with a wide variety of backgrounds and qualifications. Instructors are selected on their deep understanding of Islam, related topics and mission of the Quran and are certified by well-known institutes. They are also experienced teachers and prominent scholars, Imams and community activists.

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  • find various pieces of literature, dealing with political affairs, global events, and Islamic issues. There are both articles as well as complete books available for download. Please do not distribute the materials without giving credit to their respective authors.

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    Ahkam al Buyu'

    Date yet to be announced

    Every Muslim is bound to act according to the rules layed down by the shari'ah , the Shari'ah has rule regarding the individual ritual ibadat and also about the (muamalat) transactions, it is a must for every muslim to the rules regarding muamalat and one of the domains related to it is the Ahkam al- Buyu', the rulings of Sales and trade.

    Fiqh of Amr bil Maruf Wannahi Anil Munkar

    Date yet to be announced

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