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'Inspiring change. Helping people improve their Islamic knowledge, character and spirituality, and in turn bring ourselves and our society closer our Creator, Allah (swt)'

Dar Al 'Ilm Institute  is the leading independent Islamic Institution which provides courses from the Quran and the authentic Sunnah to the people.

Dar Al 'Ilm Courses are deliverd through proven teaching methodologies which are designed to stimulate and challenge its students.

Dar Al 'Ilm (the House of Knowledge) institute offers it students specialised courses based on the Qur'an and teh authentic Sunnah in Fiqh (Jurispudence), Usul-Al-Fiqh (Principles of Fiqh), Tafseer (Exgesis) and its Usool (Fundamentals), Arabic Language, Qur'an , its rules of recitation , Hadeeth and its sciences

Course Types

Classification of the courses is based on the time period of the course itself and the depth, comprehensiveness of the course.

On the basis of the time period there will be three types of courses or programs

1.The Weekend course: - There will be two types of weekend courses, one that stretches over two days, the other which only is for a day. The course length will depend on the subject being delivered.

2. The Short term course: - This course will be held over a few weekends, these are the long courses which are more comprehensive and detailed.

3. Public talk: - This is the course where a masjid/community center may invite an instructor over to an event they organize at a seminar hall/auditorium for a course on a certain subject.

On the basis of the depth of the course,

1. Beginner

2. Intermediate

3. Advanced

Our courses are delivered in the English Language.

Our courses

Hadeeth Studies Dar Al ilm

Hadeeth & Its Sciences
Dar Al ilm Tafseer, Tajweed , Quranic studies, Ulum Al quran

Tafseer, Tajweed  & Quranic Sciences
Dar Al Ilm fiqh Usul Al fiqh

Fiqh and its Usool

Dar Al ilm Shariah Studies

Shari'ah Studies

Dar Al ilm arabic studies

Arabic Studies