Q. Who is Dar Al 'Ilm institute for ?

Whether you are an average Muslim seeking to increase your eman, a new Muslim learning about Islam, an avid student of knowledge looking to advance your knowledge, young or old, Dar Al 'Ilm is for you!

Q. How do your seminars work ?

We offer seminars in double- and single-weekend seminars. All seminars start on Saturday morning and continue till  Sunday late evening.

The seminars take place on-location and not over the internet.

Q. What are the instructors qualifications ?

Dar al 'Ilm prides itself in hiring capable and qualified instructors who are able to connect with students. In selecting instructors, we seek people who: have a higher education degree in Islamic sciences; have a good command of the English language; have experience teaching university-aged students; have upright character; and have a willingness to learn and adopt exciting new teaching techniques.

Q. Are there any prerequisites for the Seminar ?

There are no prerequisites for our seminars; however, for more advanced seminars, there is a recommended level of knowledge. For such seminars, instructors will provide students with a recommended list of readings prior to the start of the seminar.

Q;- Are Dar Al ilm's Seminars accredited ?

A dedicated academic department led by Dean of Academic Affairs, Mufti Habeeb Urrehman Qasmi has been established to strategize the phases of Dar Al 'Ilms development, particularly an independent accreditation process and degree for our students.

Dar Al 'Ilm Institute is not affiliated or accredited by any independent body, and therefore our courses are not transferable to other schools.

Q:- I have some concern , suggestion about Dar al 'Ilm. Whom do i contact?

We welcome your feedback and would love to answer your questions! Feel free to email us at: info@daralilm.org to share any ideas, suggestions, or ask any questions that you may have.